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DCE 1.1: Authentication and Security Services
Copyright © 1997 The Open Group


<dce/binding.h>-Header file for the Registry bind (sec_rgy_bind) routines


#include <dce/binding.h>


Header file for the Registry API used to bind to and communicate with a Registry server. These routines have the prefix sec_rgy_site or, in one case, sec_rgy_cell.
Data Types and Constants
The following data types (listed in alphabetical order) are used in the sec_rgy_bind API.

idl_void_p_t sec_login_handle_t

See <dce/sec_login.h> .

struct sec_rgy_bind_auth_info_t

Represents security context information pertaining to an RS session. Namely, it indicates the subject data, authentication service, authorisation service and protection level associated with protected RPCs to the RS site/server associated with an RS context handle (sec_rgy_handle_t). (Conceptually, the RPC binding handle to the RS server is annotated with this security information-see rpc_binding_set_auth_info() in the referenced Open Group DCE 1.1 RPC Specification.) It contains the following fields:

sec_rgy_bind_auth_info_type_t info_type

The kind of information contained in dce_info.

union tagged_union

The actual security context information. It contains the following fields:


If info_type = sec_rgy_bind_auth_none, then tagged_union is empty.

struct dce_info

If info_type = sec_rgy_bind_auth_dce, then tagged_union holds a struct dce_info, which contains the following fields:

unsigned32 authn_level

Protection level.

unsigned32 authn_svc

Authentication service.

unsigned32 authz_svc

Authorisation service.

sec_login_handle_t identity

The login context in effect. If NULL, it refers to the default login context.

enum sec_rgy_bind_auth_info_type_t

Represents the kind of security context pertaining to an RS session. Its currently registered values are the following:

sec_rgy_bind_auth_none = 0

No security.

sec_rgy_bind_auth_dce = 1

Security based on the security services currently supported by DCE.

idl_void_p_t sec_rgy_handle_t

An RS site handle. This is a pointer to a data structure representing a client's RS (session) context (the pointed-to structure is not further specified; that is, sec_rgy_handle_t is an opaque pointer).

The RS context contains all the information relevant to the client's session with an RS site (as defined above). In typical implementations, this includes (among other things) an RPC binding handle to an RS server. (Intuitively, this notion of RS site handle or RS session context amounts to an API-level analog of the RPC-level notion of RS server binding.)

Status Codes
The following status codes (listed in alphabetical order) are used in the sec_rgy_bind API.


Routine completed successfully.


No currently established network identity for which context exists.


Can't allocate memory.


Registry object not found.


Server unavailable.

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