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DCE 1.1: Authentication and Security Services
Copyright © 1997 The Open Group


<dce/secidmap.h>-Header for sec_id API


#include <dce/secidmap.h>


Data Types and Constants

There are no particular data types or constants specific to the sec_id API (other than those that have already been introduced in this specification).

In particular, concerning naming syntax as used in this chapter (such as the notion of global PGO name), see Global PGO Names (and the other sections referenced there). (Note especially that the name components /principal/ and /group/, which are used to identify RS naming domain junction points for the purpose of ACL management, do not occur in the cell-relative PGO names of the present chapter.)

Status Codes

The following status codes (listed in alphabetical order) are used in the sec_id API.


Cell UUID is not valid.


Global name yields an entity in foreign cell-use referral to that cell.


Name too long (for the implementation).

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