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DCE 1.1: Authentication and Security Services
Copyright © 1997 The Open Group


sec_rgy_unix_getgrnam-Returns a UNIX style group entry for the account matching the specified group name


#include <dce/rgynbase.h>

void sec_rgy_unix_getgrnam(
    sec_rgy_handle_t context,
    sec_rgy_name_t name,
    signed32 name_length,
    signed32 max_num_members,
    sec_rgy_cursor_t item_cursor,
    sec_rgy_unix_group_t group_entry,
    signed32 number_members,
    sec_rgy_member_t member_list[],
    error_status_t *status);




An opaque handle bound to a registry server. Use sec_rgy_site_open() to acquire a bound handle.


A character string (of type sec_rgy_name_t) specifying the group name to be matched.


A signed 32-bit integer specifying the length of name in characters.


The maximum number of members to be returned by the call. This must be no larger than the allocated size of the member_list array.



An opaque pointer indicating a specific PGO item entry in the registry database. The sec_rgy_unix_getgrnam() routine returns the PGO item indicated by item_cursor, and advances the cursor to point to the next item in the database. When the end of the list of entries is reached, the routine returns sec_rgy_no_more_entries. Use sec_rgy_cursor_reset() to refresh the cursor.



A UNIX style group entry structure returned with information about the account matching name.


An signed 32-bit integer containing the total number of member names returned in the member_list array.


An array of character strings to receive the returned member names. The size allocated for the array is given by max_number. If this value is less than the total number of members in the membership list, multiple calls must be made to return all of the members.


On successful completion, the routine returns error_status_ok. Otherwise, it returns an error.


The sec_rgy_unix_getgrnam() routine looks up the next group entry in the registry that matches the input group name and returns the corresponding UNIX style group structure. The structure is in the following form:

typedef struct {
    sec_rgy_name_t              name;
    signed32                    gid;
    sec_rgy_member_buf_t        members;
} sec_rgy_unix_group_t;

The structure includes:

The routine also returns an array of member names, limited in size by the number_members parameter. Note that the array contains only the names explicitly specified as members of the group. A principal that was made a member of the group because that group was assigned as the principal's primary group will not appear in the array.

This call is provided in source code form.



The idl file from which dce/rgynbase.h was derived.



The call was successful.

sec_rgy bad_data

The name supplied as input was too long.


The cursor is at the end of the list of entries.


The DCE Registry Server is unavailable.

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