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Common Security: CDSA and CSSM
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CSSM_RETURN CSSMAPI CSSM_DeliverModuleManagerEvent


This function requests that CSSM core services deliver an event notification to a module manager. registers the module with CSSM. The event description parameter identified the source and destination module managers, the event the will take place or has taken place, optional additional data about the event, and an optional identified used when a reply is required.

A module manager calls this CSSM core services function to send an event to another module manager. CSSM core services forwards this event to the destination module manager by invoking the module manager's EventNotifyManager function, which must be defined by every module manager that can receive event notification through the CSSM mechanism.


EventDescription (input)

A structure containing the following fields:

DestinationModuleManagerType (input/optional)

The unique service mask identifying the destination module manager.

SourceModuleManagerType (input)

The unique service mask identifying the source module manager.

Event (input)

An identified indicating the event the has or will take place.

EventId (input/optional)

A unique identified associated with this event notification. It must be used in any reply notification that result from this event notification.

EventData (input/optional)

Arbitrary data (required or informational) for this event.


A CSSM_OK return value signifies that the event notice has been delivered to the specified destination module manager. If CSSM_FAIL is returned, either the destination module manager is unknown, the destination module manager has not registered an event notification entry point with CSSM so the notification cannot be delivered, or an error has occurred. Use CSSM_GetError to obtain the error code.



Unknown service category.


Unable to deliver the notification.


Error in the registry.



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