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DCE 1.1: Authentication and Security Services
Copyright © 1997 The Open Group

Error Code Mapping List

This appendix is informative, not normative. It imposes no restrictions on conforming implementations.
The list below is a "error code mapping list", describing the codes returned from the security API in the source code of the standard OSF reference implementation of DCE.

Name: sec_acl_bad_acl_syntax

Value: 0x17122026

Specified ACL is not valid at this ACL manager. This error can be returned if less than 1 ACL is specified on a replace operation, or if more than 1 is specified on a replace and the controlling ACL manager was only expecting 1.

Name: sec_acl_bad_key

Value: 0x17122021

Internal error.

Name: sec_acl_bad_parameter

Value: 0x17122032

Internal error, should never occur.

Name: sec_acl_bad_permset

Value: 0x17122037

One or more permissions not valid for this type of ACL.

Name: sec_acl_bind_error

Value: 0x1712202c

A binding error occurred during the requested ACL operation.

Name: sec_acl_cant_allocate_memory

Value: 0x17122017

Cannot allocate memory for requested operation.

Name: sec_acl_duplicate_entry

Value: 0x17122031

Duplicate ACL entries are not allowed.

Name: sec_acl_expected_group_obj

Value: 0x1712201e

Object has an owning group but no group_obj entry in its ACL.

Name: sec_acl_expected_user_obj

Value: 0x1712201d

Object has an owner but no user_obj entry contained in its ACL.

Name: sec_acl_invalid_acl_handle

Value: 0x1712202d

Internal error, should never occur.

Name: sec_acl_invalid_acl_type

Value: 0x17122020

Specified ACL type is out of the valid range for this type.

Name: sec_acl_invalid_dfs_acl

Value: 0x17122035

DFS ACL manager does not understand the specified ACL.

Name: sec_acl_invalid_entry_class

Value: 0x17122028


Name: sec_acl_invalid_entry_name

Value: 0x1712201c

NULL or invalid entry name passed to sec_acl_bind() API.

Name: sec_acl_invalid_entry_type

Value: 0x1712201f

An ACL entry type was specified that the server does not understand. It is possible for this to occur if a client is attempting to pass new ACL entry types to an older server that cannot interpret them (eg: delegation ACL entry types).

Name: sec_acl_invalid_manager_type

Value: 0x17122022

Invalid ACL manager type specified.

Name: sec_acl_invalid_permission

Value: 0x17122025

One or more specified permissions not valid for this ACL.

Name: sec_acl_invalid_site_name

Value: 0x17122018

The ACL operation specified an invalid site name.

Name: sec_acl_mgr_file_open_error

Value: 0x1712202f

ACL manager unable to open database file on startup.

Name: sec_acl_mgr_no_space

Value: 0x17122036

ACL manager was not able to store the specified ACL.

Name: sec_acl_missing_required_entry

Value: 0x17122030

ACL is missing an entry required by this ACL manager.

Name: sec_acl_name_resolution_failed

Value: 0x1712202a

Name resolution failed on the requested ACL operation.

Name: sec_acl_no_acl_found

Value: 0x1712201b

Object found, but object has no ACL associated with it.

Name: sec_acl_no_owner

Value: 0x17122027

There must be at least one entry in the ACL that grants control over the ACL.

Name: sec_acl_not_authorized

Value: 0x17122033

Not authorized to perform the requested operation on this object.

Name: sec_acl_not_implemented

Value: 0x17122016

Requested operation is not implemented in this version of DCE.

Name: sec_acl_no_update_sites

Value: 0x1712202e

No update sites available for this ACL operation.

Name: sec_acl_object_not_found

Value: 0x1712201a

Specified ACL object was not found.

Name: sec_acl_rpc_error

Value: 0x1712202b

An RPC error was returned during the ACL operation.

Name: sec_acl_server_bad_state

Value: 0x17122034

Server is not in a state capable of performing the requested operation.

Name: sec_acl_site_read_only

Value: 0x17122024

Requested operation attempted at a read only site. This error should be trapped by the security ACL API and the operation should be resent to an update site automatically if one can be located.

Name: sec_acl_unable_to_authenticate

Value: 0x17122029

Attempt to authenticate to server controlling the object failed.

Name: sec_acl_unknown_manager_type

Value: 0x17122019

Programming error, should not happen.

Name: sec_attr_bad_acl_mgr_set

Value: 0x17122151

Application specified an invalid acl manager set for this operation.

Name: sec_attr_bad_acl_mgr_type

Value: 0x17122152

Application specified an invalid acl manager.

Name: sec_attr_bad_bind_authn_svc

Value: 0x17122161

Application specified an invalid authentication service in the binding auth info for this operation.

Name: sec_attr_bad_bind_authz_svc

Value: 0x17122162

Application specified an invalid authz_svc parameter in a request to the privilege server.

Name: sec_attr_bad_bind_info

Value: 0x17122153

Application specified invalid binding information in an attribute update operation.

Name: sec_attr_bad_bind_prot_level

Value: 0x17122160

Application specified an invalid protection level in the binding auth info.

Name: sec_attr_bad_bind_svr_name

Value: 0x1712215f

Application specified an invalid server name in the binding auth info.

Name: sec_attr_bad_comment

Value: 0x1712215a

Attribute comment specified exceeds 1024 characters.

Name: sec_attr_bad_cursor

Value: 0x17122163

Application specified an invalid cursor.

Name: sec_attr_bad_encoding_type

Value: 0x17122158

Attribute encoding type specified is invalid.

Name: sec_attr_bad_intercell_action

Value: 0x1712215b

Intercell action specified for an attribute must be one of: accept, reject or evaluate.

Name: sec_attr_bad_name

Value: 0x17122157

Attribute name specified is NULL or exceeds 1024 characters.

Name: sec_attr_bad_object_type

Value: 0x17122166

Application specified an acl manager type for this object that is not contained in the schema entry for this attribute.

Name: sec_attr_bad_param

Value: 0x1712216d

Application specified a bad parameter for a schema or attribute operation.

Name: sec_attr_bad_permset

Value: 0x17122154

Application specified one or more invalid permissions for this type of ACL.

Name: sec_attr_bad_scope

Value: 0x17122159

Attribute scope specified exceeds 1024 characters.

Name: sec_attr_bad_trig_type

Value: 0x1712215c

Application specified a trigger type other than query in this operation. Only query triggers are supported in this release.

Name: sec_attr_bad_type

Value: 0x17122150

Application performing a lookup using the specified attribute type was unsuccessful.

Name: sec_attr_bad_uniq_query_accept

Value: 0x1712215e

If the unique flag is set to true, and a query trigger is used, the intercell action can not be set to accept.

Name: sec_attr_cant_get_attrinst

Value: 0x17122ebc

Application failed to get the next attribute instance in the attribute list.

Name: sec_attr_cant_get_attrlist

Value: 0x17122eb9

Application could not retrieve the attribute list.

Name: sec_attr_cant_get_instance

Value: 0x17122ebb

Application failed to get the last attribute instance in the attribute list.

Name: sec_attr_inst_not_found

Value: 0x17122144

Application specified an attribute instance that was not found.

Name: sec_attr_multi_inst_no_update

Value: 0x17122170

Schema multi instance flag cannot be unset.

Name: sec_attr_name_exists

Value: 0x1712214d

Application attempted to add an attribute with a duplicate name to the registry.

Name: sec_attr_no_memory

Value: 0x17122155

Unable to allocate memory.

Name: sec_attr_no_more_entries

Value: 0x1712216c

Application has exhausted the available attribute instance or schema entries.

Name: sec_attr_not_implemented

Value: 0x17122164

Application specified an operation that has not yet been implemented.

Name: sec_attr_not_multi_valued

Value: 0x17122167

Application specified more than one attribute instance for a type that is not multi valued.

Name: sec_attr_num_attr_ltzero

Value: 0x17122eba

Application attempted to decrement the number of attributes below zero.

Name: sec_attr_rgy_obj_not_found

Value: 0x17122147

Specified registry object was not found.

Name: sec_attr_schema_cant_lookup

Value: 0x17122edd

Unable to lookup the schema entry.

Name: sec_attr_schema_cant_reset

Value: 0x17122edc

Unable to reset the schema entry information.

Name: sec_attr_sch_entry_not_found

Value: 0x17122143

Application specified a schema entry that does not exist.

Name: sec_attr_sch_reserved

Value: 0x1712216e

Cannot delete schema entry with reserved flag set.

Name: sec_attr_trig_bind_info_missing

Value: 0x1712215d

Application specified a trigger without supplying binding info.

Name: sec_attr_trig_query_not_sup

Value: 0x17122165

Application specified a query trigger for an operation that does not support query triggers.

Name: sec_attr_trig_types_no_update

Value: 0x17122171

Schema trigger types cannot be updated.

Name: sec_attr_type_id_exists

Value: 0x1712214e

Application attempted to add an attribute with a duplicate id to the registry.

Name: sec_attr_unauthorized

Value: 0x17122149

The object's ACL denied the attempted operation.

Name: sec_attr_unique_no_update

Value: 0x1712216f

Schema unique flag cannot be unset.

Name: sec_attr_val_attr_set_bad

Value: 0x1712216b

Appliation specifed an improperly formatted attribute value set.

Name: sec_attr_val_bytes_bad

Value: 0x1712216a

Application specified improperly formatted bytes string.

Name: sec_attr_val_printstring_bad

Value: 0x17122168

Application specified a printstring value that exceeds 1024 characters.

Name: sec_attr_val_string_array_bad

Value: 0x17122169

Application either specified an improperly formatted attribute value string array or one or more of the attribute value strings in the array exceed 1024 characters.

Name: sec_authn_s_bad_seal

Value: 0x1712217d

Data corruption, or an attacker asserting credentials that do not match the credentials that were actually granted. If error is reproducible, then it's most likely a defect in DCE.

Name: sec_authn_s_missing_epac

Value: 0x1712217b

Improperly formed RPC authentication protocol message, probably due to a defect in DCE.

Name: sec_authn_s_no_seal

Value: 0x1712217c

Improperly formed RPC authentication protocol message, probably due to a defect in DCE.

Name: sec_buf_too_small

Value: 0x17122f60

The buffer size is smaller than the amount of data which needs to be copied into the buffer. This is an internal error.

Name: sec_crdb_at_char_in_cellname

Value: 0x17122dc8

A cell name cannot contain the @ (at sign) character.

Name: sec_crdb_cant_add_replica

Value: 0x17122dd8

The application could not add a new replica to the master registry.

Name: sec_crdb_cant_bind_updsite

Value: 0x17122ddc

The application could not locate and bind to the master registry.

Name: sec_crdb_cant_com_master

Value: 0x17122ddd

The application could not communicate with the master registry.

Name: sec_crdb_cant_create_celluuid

Value: 0x17122dd3

Application could not create a cell UUID.

Name: sec_crdb_cant_get_hostname

Value: 0x17122dd2

Application was unable to retrieve host name.

Name: sec_crdb_cant_get_host_prname

Value: 0x17122dd5

Application was unable to retrieve the host principal name.

Name: sec_crdb_cant_register_ns

Value: 0x17122dd7

Application cannot register with the name service.

Name: sec_crdb_cant_setup_rgycreator

Value: 0x17122dd4

Problem setting up rgy_creator.

Name: sec_crdb_cant_upd_rgyst_file

Value: 0x17122dd9

Cannot update rgy_state file.

Name: sec_crdb_cl_alt_dir_no_arg

Value: 0x17122dd1

No argument was specified for alt_dir. Hence a default path was used.

Name: sec_crdb_cl_bad_name

Value: 0x17122dc9

The specified name is not a legal CDS name.

Name: sec_crdb_cl_dup_option

Value: 0x17122dca

Only one of the two options may be used.

Name: sec_crdb_cl_long_passwd

Value: 0x17122dcd

Password longer than the permitted maximum.

Name: sec_crdb_cl_long_rgyname

Value: 0x17122dcc

Registry name is longer than the permitted maximum.

Name: sec_crdb_cl_missing_arg

Value: 0x17122dcb

The specified option requires an argument which was not specified.

Name: sec_crdb_cl_null_myname

Value: 0x17122dcf

The specified name is either NULL or a null string.

Name: sec_crdb_cl_unknown_option

Value: 0x17122dce

The specified option is not valid. Consult the manual page for the correct set of options.

Name: sec_crdb_cl_usage

Value: 0x17122dd0

Bad syntax in sec_create_db command.

Name: sec_crdb_cr_db_succ

Value: 0x17122dc6

This is an informational message.

Name: sec_crdb_cr_master_db

Value: 0x17122dc4

This is an informational message.

Name: sec_crdb_cr_rep_db

Value: 0x17122dc5

This is an informational message.

Name: sec_crdb_db_exists

Value: 0x17122dc7

Registry database could not be created because one exists already.

Name: sec_crdb_db_not_created

Value: 0x17122dd6

The new database was not created.

Name: sec_crdb_inherit_hostident_err

Value: 0x17122ddb

Cannot inherit local host identity.

Name: sec_crdb_rep_not_registered

Value: 0x17122dda

The security replica has not successfully registered with the name service

Name: sec_crdb_site_file_create_fail

Value: 0x17122dc0

The pe_site file could not be created or updated because of an error. The error is logged prior to this message.

Name: sec_crdb_site_file_create_succ

Value: 0x17122dc1

The pe_site file has been successfully created. This is an informational message.

Name: sec_crdb_site_file_upd_fail

Value: 0x17122dc3

RPC bindings could not be appended to the pe_site file. The messages logged prior to this indicate why this might have happened.

Name: sec_crdb_site_file_upd_succ

Value: 0x17122dc2

RPC bindings have been successfully appended to the pe_site file. This is an informational message.

Name: sec_cred_s_authz_cannot_comply

Value: 0x17122132

Application programming error. The server is asking for information that the authorisation service used for the call cannot supply (eg, calling sec_cred_get_initiator() when the call had used authz_name).

Name: sec_cred_s_invalid_auth_handle

Value: 0x1712212f

Specified credential handle is invalid.

Name: sec_cred_s_invalid_cursor

Value: 0x17122131

Specified credential cursor is invalid.

Name: sec_cred_s_invalid_pa_handle

Value: 0x17122130

Specified privilege attribute handle is invalid.

Name: sec_cred_s_no_more_entries

Value: 0x1712212e

No more entries available (informational status code).

Name: sec_id_e_bad_cell_uuid

Value: 0x171220d5

Specified cell UUID does not match any known cell names.

Name: sec_id_e_name_too_long

Value: 0x171220d4

The specified name is too long for the current implementation.

Name: sec_key_mgmt_e_authn_invalid

Value: 0x17122044

The specified authentication service is invalid for this operation.

Name: sec_key_mgmt_e_auth_unavailable

Value: 0x17122045

Unable to contact the authentication service.

Name: sec_key_mgmt_e_keytab_not_found

Value: 0x1712204a

Unable to locate or open specified key table.

Name: sec_key_mgmt_e_key_unavailable

Value: 0x17122043

No key matching specified principal and key version found in keytable.

Name: sec_key_mgmt_e_key_unsupported

Value: 0x17122047

A key with a type unknown to this version of DCE was specified.

Name: sec_key_mgmt_e_key_version_ex

Value: 0x17122048

Specified key already exists in the specified key table.

Name: sec_key_mgmt_e_ktfile_err

Value: 0x1712204b

File found, but format does not conform to that of a key table.

Name: sec_key_mgmt_e_not_implemented

Value: 0x17122049

Specified operation not implemented in this version of DCE.

Name: sec_key_mgmt_e_unauthorized

Value: 0x17122046

The caller is unauthorized to perform the requested operation.

Name: sec_lksm_bad_input

Value: 0x17122cc4

The user supplied response to the question of whether a locksmith account should be created is not correct.

Name: sec_lksm_create_acct

Value: 0x17122cc5

This will be followed by the message in sec_lksm_def_yes_prompt.

Name: sec_lksm_def_no_prompt

Value: 0x17122cc3

If security server is started in the locksmith mode and no locksmith account exists, then the user is prompted asking whether the account should be created. This prompt is used when the default is to not to create the the locksmith account.

Name: sec_lksm_def_yes_prompt

Value: 0x17122cc2

If security server is started in the locksmith mode and no locksmith account exists, then the user is prompted asking whether the account should be created. This prompt is used when the desired default is to create the locksmith account.

Name: sec_lksm_passwd_prompt

Value: 0x17122ccf

The user is prompted for the password of the locksmith account.

Name: sec_lksm_passwd_verify

Value: 0x17122cd0

The user is prompted to reenter the password of the locksmith account.

Name: sec_lksm_set_acct_span

Value: 0x17122ccb

The policy account lifespan to set to the specified time period.

Name: sec_lksm_set_acct_valid

Value: 0x17122cc9

The specified account is designated as valid.

Name: sec_lksm_set_client_valid

Value: 0x17122cc7

The specified account is designated as a client.

Name: sec_lksm_set_date_now

Value: 0x17122cca

Setting %s account good_since_date to now\n

Name: sec_lksm_set_expire

Value: 0x17122ccc

The specified account is set to expire in the specified time period.

Name: sec_lksm_set_polpwd_expire

Value: 0x17122cce

The policy password lifetime is set to the specified period.

Name: sec_lksm_set_polpwd_expire_now

Value: 0x17122ccd

The policy password lifetime is set to the specified period. The policy password expiration time is to expire in the specified time period.

Name: sec_lksm_set_pwd_valid

Value: 0x17122cc6

Setting password valid flag for the specified account.

Name: sec_lksm_set_server_valid

Value: 0x17122cc8

The specified account is designated as a server.

Name: sec_logent_out_of_bounds

Value: 0x17122ea3

The log entry is out of bounds and so is skipped.

Name: sec_login_s_acct_invalid

Value: 0x171220f6

Attempted to login to an account that is currently disabled.

Name: sec_login_s_already_valid

Value: 0x171220ef

Attempted to validate an already valid login context.

Name: sec_login_s_auth_local

Value: 0x171220e9

Operation is not valid on the local context.

Name: sec_login_s_compound_delegate

Value: 0x17122100

Attempted to call become_initiator with a login context that already contained a delegation chain.

Name: sec_login_s_config

Value: 0x171220f3

Host security client information not available. Either unable to find file DCELOCAL/var/security/sec_clientd.binding

or unable to set authorisation and authentication information for a server. .

Name: sec_login_s_context_invalid

Value: 0x171220eb

Attempted to use a not-yet-validated login context for an operation that requires a validated context.

Name: sec_login_s_default_use

Value: 0x171220f0

The default security login handle was used illegally.

Name: sec_login_s_deleg_not_enabled

Value: 0x17122102

Delegation/impersonation attempted, but initiator did not enable it.

Name: sec_login_s_groupset_invalid

Value: 0x171220ed

Attempting to perform a task illegally on a default context handle.

Name: sec_login_s_handle_invalid

Value: 0x171220ea

Specified login handle does not correspond to a login context.

Name: sec_login_s_incomplete_ovrd_ent

Value: 0x171220fe

Override entry for this entry encountered, with password field specified, but other necessary field(s) missing.

Name: sec_login_s_info_not_avail

Value: 0x171220ee

The unix password information is not available.

Name: sec_login_s_internal_error

Value: 0x171220f4

Internal error, should not occur.

Name: sec_login_s_invalid_compat_mode

Value: 0x17122101

Specified compatibility mode is not supported.

Name: sec_login_s_invalid_deleg_type

Value: 0x171220ff

Specified delegation type is not supported.

Name: sec_login_s_invalid_password

Value: 0x171220fd

The specified password is invalid.

Name: sec_login_s_no_current_context

Value: 0x171220ec

Login context is no longer completely accessible.

Name: sec_login_s_no_memory

Value: 0x171220e8

Unable to allocate memory.

Name: sec_login_s_no_override_info

Value: 0x171220f5

No override information is currently available.

Name: sec_login_s_not_certified

Value: 0x171220f2

Warning only. Information was obtained from a login context that has been validated but not certified.

Name: sec_login_s_not_implemented

Value: 0x171220e7

Specified operation is not yet implemented in this version of DCE.

Name: sec_login_s_null_password

Value: 0x171220f7

Cannot log in with a zero length password.

Name: sec_login_s_override_failure

Value: 0x171220fb

Unable to determine if any override information exists, so operation must be denied.

Name: sec_login_s_ovrd_ent_not_found

Value: 0x171220fc

No matching override entry found (informational status code).

Name: sec_login_s_preauth_failed

Value: 0x17122103

The client is unable to compose the necessary preauthentication data for this principal.

Name: sec_login_s_privileged

Value: 0x171220f1

Privilege operation was attempted in an unprivileged (non-root) process.

Name: sec_login_s_refresh_ident_bad

Value: 0x171220fa

Attempted to refresh credentials for an account that is no longer valid.

Name: sec_login_s_unsupp_passwd_type

Value: 0x171220f8

Attempted to login using an unsupported password type.

Name: sec_lrgy_s_cannot_create

Value: 0x17122119

Unable to create local registry files.

Name: sec_lrgy_s_internal_error

Value: 0x1712211b

Internal error, should not occur.

Name: sec_lrgy_s_max_lt_num_entries

Value: 0x17122117

User specified a max entry value smaller than current number of entries.

Name: sec_lrgy_s_no_access

Value: 0x1712211a

Local registry exists, but cannot be accessed.

Name: sec_lrgy_s_not_found

Value: 0x17122118

No local registry files found.

Name: sec_ns_import_begin

Value: 0x17122f2c

Beginning import RPC bindings.

Name: sec_ns_import_done

Value: 0x17122f2e

Completed import of RPC bindings.

Name: sec_ns_import_next

Value: 0x17122f2d

Attempting to import next RPC binding.

Name: sec_priv_s_bad_compat_mode

Value: 0x17122063

An out of range compat mode parameter was passed to the privilege server.

Name: sec_priv_s_bad_deleg_type

Value: 0x17122064

Specified delegation type is not valid.

Name: sec_priv_s_cmode_not_enabled

Value: 0x1712206c

Delegate attempted to specify a compatibility mode not allowed by initiator.

Name: sec_priv_s_corrupt_deleg_chain

Value: 0x17122067

Internal error, should not occur.

Name: sec_priv_s_deleg_not_enabled

Value: 0x17122065

Delegation attempted, but not enabled by initiator of operation.

Name: sec_priv_s_deleg_token_exp

Value: 0x17122066

Delegation operation attempted, but delegation token has expired.

Name: sec_priv_s_intercell_deleg_req

Value: 0x17122069

Intercell delegation requests are not yet supported.

Name: sec_priv_s_invalid_authn_svc

Value: 0x1712205e

Invalid authn_svc parameter in request to privilege server.

Name: sec_priv_s_invalid_authz_svc

Value: 0x1712205f

Invalid authz_svc parameter in request to privilege server.

Name: sec_priv_s_invalid_dlg_token

Value: 0x17122068

Internal error, should not occur.

Name: sec_priv_s_invalid_principal

Value: 0x1712205b

The principal requesting privileges is not valid. Could be caused by a race condition where the principal was just deleted, or could be caused by a defect in DCE.

Name: sec_priv_s_invalid_protect_lvl

Value: 0x1712206b

Privilege client code passed in an invalid protection level.

Name: sec_priv_s_invalid_request

Value: 0x17122061

Invalid request probably caused by defect in DCE, or corrupted data passed in.

Name: sec_priv_s_invalid_server_name

Value: 0x1712206a

Privilege client code passed in an invalid server name.

Name: sec_priv_s_invalid_trust_path

Value: 0x17122060

The intercell authentication path traversed to authenticate to the DCE privilege server does not conform to the requirements for hierarchical trust in DCE.

Name: sec_priv_s_no_mem

Value: 0x1712205d

Unable to allocate memory for specified operation.

Name: sec_priv_s_not_member_any_group

Value: 0x1712205c

Principal isn't a member of any of the groups it requested for its groupset. Most likely caused by a principal's group membership being changed since they logged in.

Name: sec_priv_s_PAD00

Value: 0x17122062

Obsolete error code.

Name: sec_priv_s_server_unavailable

Value: 0x1712205a

Unable to locate an accessible privilege server.

Name: sec_prop_bad_type

Value: 0x17122e43

Internal error.

Name: sec_prop_chk_prop_slave_init

Value: 0x17122e47

Check how slave initialisation is going.

Name: sec_prop_fail

Value: 0x17122e45

The update did not propagate successfully.

Name: sec_prop_no_master_info

Value: 0x17122e42

Propagation thread tried but could not obtain information about the current master security server in the cell. This is an internal error.

Name: sec_prop_no_prop_thrs

Value: 0x17122e40

The security server creates several propagation threads to manage the propagation of updates between the master and slave security servers. This error indicates that one or more such threads have not been created.

Name: sec_prop_not_master

Value: 0x17122e41

Propagation threads can only be created in a master security server not in a slave security server. This is an internal error.

Name: sec_prop_send_delete_rep

Value: 0x17122e4a

Attempting to propogate deletion of replicas.

Name: sec_prop_send_init_slave

Value: 0x17122e46

Attempting to initialize the slave.

Name: sec_prop_slave_init_done

Value: 0x17122e48

The slave was successfully initialized.

Name: sec_prop_succ

Value: 0x17122e44

The propagation has completed successfully.

Name: sec_prop_updates_to_slaves

Value: 0x17122e49

Ppropagating updates to slaves.

Name: sec_pwd_mgmt_not_authorized

Value: 0x17122177

Caller is not authorized to communicate with the password management server.

Name: sec_pwd_mgmt_str_check_failed

Value: 0x17122176

Specified password failed password strength server checking policy.

Name: sec_pwd_mgmt_svr_error

Value: 0x17122178

The password management server has failed to complete the requested operation due to an error.

Name: sec_pwd_mgmt_svr_unavail

Value: 0x17122179

Unable to contact password management server.

Name: sec_rca_op_status

Value: 0x17122f2f

Registry operation failed.

Name: sec_rca_site_rebind

Value: 0x17122f30

Attempting to rebind to an alternate registry site and retrying operation.

Name: sec_rca_site_rebind_fail

Value: 0x17122f32

Failed to rebind to an alternate registry to retry operation.

Name: sec_rca_site_rebind_succ

Value: 0x17122f31

Successfully rebound to specified site to retry operation.

Name: sec_rep_cant_start_prop_tasks

Value: 0x17122e6e

Cannot start the propagation tasks.

Name: sec_rep_corrupt_auth_handle

Value: 0x17122e62

Corrupted replica authentication handle detected.

Name: sec_rep_dupe_cant_start

Value: 0x17122e6a

Replica is in duplicate master state and cannot be started.

Name: sec_rep_dupe_not_master

Value: 0x17122e69

Replica is in duplicate master state but is not the master.

Name: sec_rep_init_slave_fail

Value: 0x17122e74

Initialisation failed.

Name: sec_rep_init_slave_succ

Value: 0x17122e73

Initialisation completed successfully.

Name: sec_rep_invalid_auth_handle

Value: 0x17122e63

Invalid replica authentication handle.

Name: sec_rep_maint_not_master

Value: 0x17122e68

Only a master security server can be in the maintenance mode not a slave.

Name: sec_rep_mseq_not_dup_master

Value: 0x17122e67

master_seqno flag can only be applied to a duplicate master.

Name: sec_rep_msrepl_not_inited

Value: 0x17122e6d

Cannot initialize master replica list.

Name: sec_rep_nm_not_deleted

Value: 0x17122e6b

Unable to remove the specified server name from the name space.

Name: sec_rep_not_on_replist

Value: 0x17122e6c

Specified replica is not on the replica list.

Name: sec_rep_prop_in_progress

Value: 0x17122e6f

Propagation was in progress to a replica when an attempting to free the master's volatile copy of the replica list.

Name: sec_rep_prop_type_not_init

Value: 0x17122e70

Propagation type is not init or initialising.

Name: sec_rep_recv_become_master

Value: 0x17122e76

The slave received a "become master" message.

Name: sec_rep_recv_i_am_master

Value: 0x17122e75

The slave received an "I am master" message.

Name: sec_rep_recv_init_slave

Value: 0x17122e72

On receipt of this request, the slave will attempt to initialize or reinitialize (?) itself.

Name: sec_rep_recv_stop_sw_compat

Value: 0x17122e77

The slave received a "stop until software s compatible" request.

Name: sec_rep_rm_not_in_service

Value: 0x17122e66

restore_master flag can only be specified to an in service master.

Name: sec_res_acct_add_err

Value: 0x17122cd8

An error occurred while adding an account.

Name: sec_res_attr_sch_add_err

Value: 0x17122cd9

An error occurred while adding an entry to the attribute schema.

Name: sec_res_host_key_set_err

Value: 0x17122cd3

An error occurred while setting local host's key.

Name: sec_res_mem_add_err

Value: 0x17122cd7

An error occurred while adding a member.

Name: sec_res_pgo_add_err

Value: 0x17122cd6

An error occurred while adding a person, group, or orgnisation entry.

Name: sec_res_princ_cvt_err

Value: 0x17122cd4

An error occurred while converting a cell name to a local realm principal.

Name: sec_res_uuid_cvt_err

Value: 0x17122cd5

An error occurred while converting a cell UUID to a string.

Name: sec_rgy_acl_init

Value: 0x17122d13

Initializing for sec_acl wire interface failed.

Name: sec_rgy_alias_not_allowed

Value: 0x17122096

Attempted to add an alias to a principal which prohibits that operation.

Name: sec_rgy_aud_open

Value: 0x17122d0d

Fail to open dce audit file

Name: sec_rgy_auth_init

Value: 0x17122d17

Cannot register server's authentication information with RPC runtime.

Name: sec_rgy_bad_chksum_type

Value: 0x17122097

Internal error, should not occur.

Name: sec_rgy_bad_data

Value: 0x17122084

Invalid data encountered during specified registry operation.

Name: sec_rgy_bad_domain

Value: 0x17122074

Attempted an operation that is not supported by the specified domain.

Name: sec_rgy_bad_handle

Value: 0x1712209d

Internal error, should not occur.

Name: sec_rgy_bad_integrity

Value: 0x17122098

Data integrity error. Could be caused by specifying invalid password.

Name: sec_rgy_bad_name

Value: 0x17122088

Illegal name (possibly illegal character(s)) passed to the sec_rgy API.

Name: sec_rgy_bad_name service_name

Value: 0x171220a3

Internal error.

Name: sec_rgy_bad_rgy_db

Value: 0x17122eab

A bad registry database state was encountered.

Name: sec_rgy_bad_scope

Value: 0x17122093

Attempted to set scope to a name that does not exist in the registry.

Name: sec_rgy_cant_allocate_memory

Value: 0x17122085

Unable to allocate memory for the specified operation.

Name: sec_rgy_cant_authenticate

Value: 0x17122095

Can't establish authentication to security server.

Name: sec_rgy_checkpoint

Value: 0x17122eaf

Attempting to checkpoint the registry database.

Name: sec_rgy_checkpoint_succ

Value: 0x17122eb0

Successfully checkpointed the registry database.

Name: sec_rgy_checkpt_log_file

Value: 0x17122eac

Cannot perform checkpoint on the specified log file.

Name: sec_rgy_checkpt_rename_files

Value: 0x17122ead

Cannot rename files during checkpoint.

Name: sec_rgy_checkpt_save_rep_state

Value: 0x17122eae

Cannot save replica state during checkpoint.

Name: sec_rgy_checkpt_start_task

Value: 0x17122d1b

An error occurred while when trying to start a thread to do checkpoint task.

Name: sec_rgy_chkpt_save_file

Value: 0x17122ee6

Saving the specified file.

Name: sec_rgy_chkpt_save_relation

Value: 0x17122ee7

Saving the specified relation.

Name: sec_rgy_compat_log_replay

Value: 0x17122ee8

Compatibility log replay was entered.

Name: sec_rgy_db_create

Value: 0x17122f66

Failed to create the database.

Name: sec_rgy_db_init

Value: 0x17122d01

The security server is going to attempt to read the registry database into its virtual address space.

Name: sec_rgy_db_init_err

Value: 0x17122d11

Loading or initilaizing rgy database has error.

Name: sec_rgy_dce_rgy_identity

Value: 0x17122d19

Cannot set process identity (dce-rgy) and context.

Name: sec_rgy_dir_could_not_create

Value: 0x17122089

Unable to create a directory necessary for the specified operation.

Name: sec_rgy_dir_move_illegal

Value: 0x1712208a

Attempted to make a parent directory the child of one of its descendents.

Name: sec_rgy_era_pwd_mgmt_auth_type

Value: 0x171220a5

Principal's pwd_mgmt_binding ERA authentication cannot be 'none'.

Name: sec_rgy_foreign_quota_exhausted

Value: 0x1712208c

Attempt by a foreign principal to add a registry object, but quota is exhausted.

Name: sec_rgy_get_cellname

Value: 0x17122f65

Cannot retrieve the requested cell name.

Name: sec_rgy_get_local_host_princ

Value: 0x17122d26

Cannot retrieve the requested local host principal name.

Name: sec_rgy_host_identity

Value: 0x17122d16

Cannot inherit host machine context and identity.

Name: sec_rgy_incomplete_login_name

Value: 0x1712207f

Specified login name structure was not completely specified.

Name: sec_rgy_init_rpc_bind

Value: 0x17122d0f

Trying to initialize rpc binding failed.

Name: sec_rgy_key_bad_size

Value: 0x17122099

Internal error, should not occur.

Name: sec_rgy_key_bad_type

Value: 0x17122091

The key type specified was not a valid for the specified operation.

Name: sec_rgy_locksmith_init

Value: 0x17122d14

Cannot set up the requestedlocksmith account.

Name: sec_rgy_log_entry_out_of_range

Value: 0x171220a4

Internal error.

Name: sec_rgy_log_init_mgr

Value: 0x17122d10

Cannot initialize the server log managers.

Name: sec_rgy_mkey_bad

Value: 0x1712209c

Registry master key retrieved from .mkey file doesn't match master key stored in the database.

Name: sec_rgy_mkey_bad_stored

Value: 0x1712209b

Registry master key stored in .mkey file has been corrupted.

Name: sec_rgy_mkey_file_io_failed

Value: 0x171220a0

Master key file operation (create/read/write) failed.

Name: sec_rgy_mky_bad_cellname

Value: 0x17122e20

The cell name must begin with /.../ but it does not.

Name: sec_rgy_mky_gen_random

Value: 0x17122e29

Cannot create the master key because an error occurred while generating a random master key.

Name: sec_rgy_mky_get_realm_name

Value: 0x17122e24

The cell name to be converted is not a legal cell name.

Name: sec_rgy_mky_init_keyseed

Value: 0x17122e26

Problem generating a DES key from user-entered keyseed and timeofday.

Name: sec_rgy_mky_init_random

Value: 0x17122e28

Cannot create the master keybecause an error occurred while initialising the random key generator.

Name: sec_rgy_mky_not_match

Value: 0x17122e2d

The master key in memory doesn't match the master key stored in the database.

Name: sec_rgy_mky_process_keyseed

Value: 0x17122e27

Cannot create the master key because an error occured while processing the keyseed.

Name: sec_rgy_mky_process_master_key

Value: 0x17122e2a

Cannot create the master key bacause an error occured while processing the master key.

Name: sec_rgy_mky_setup_mkey_name

Value: 0x17122e25

Possibly caused by not enough memory to be allocated.

Name: sec_rgy_mky_store_db

Value: 0x17122e2c

An error occurred while storing the master key in the database.

Name: sec_rgy_mky_store_disk

Value: 0x17122e2b

Cannot create the master key because an error occurred while storing the master key on the disk.

Name: sec_rgy_name_exists

Value: 0x17122076

Attempted to add a registry object that already exists.

Name: sec_rgy_no_more_entries

Value: 0x17122079

End of list encountered while performing registry lookup.

Name: sec_rgy_no_more_unix_ids

Value: 0x1712208d

No more available Unix IDs within allowable range.

Name: sec_rgy_not_authorized

Value: 0x17122081

The object's ACL denied the attempted operation.

Name: sec_rgy_not_implemented

Value: 0x17122073

Operation is not implemented in this version of DCE.

Name: sec_rgy_not_member_group

Value: 0x1712207c

The principal specified in the account operation is not a member of the specified primary group.

Name: sec_rgy_not_member_group_org

Value: 0x1712207e

The principal specified in the account operation is not a member of the specified group or organisation.

Name: sec_rgy_not_member_org

Value: 0x1712207d

The principal specified in the account operation is not a member of the specified organisation.

Name: sec_rgy_not_root

Value: 0x17122d00

The attempted operation requires root privileges.

Name: sec_rgy_ns_register

Value: 0x17122d1a

Cannot start the name service registration task.

Name: sec_rgy_ns_svr_get_binding

Value: 0x17122d53

Cannot get server's rpc binding from its repository.

Name: sec_rgy_object_exists

Value: 0x17122075

Attempted to add a registry object that already exists.

Name: sec_rgy_object_not_found

Value: 0x1712207a

Specified registry object was not found.

Name: sec_rgy_object_not_in_scope

Value: 0x17122094

Attempted to lookup object that doesn't exist within the current scope.

Name: sec_rgy_passwd_invalid

Value: 0x17122080

Specified password is invalid.

Name: sec_rgy_passwd_non_alpha

Value: 0x171220a7

Specified password contains all alphanumberic characters, which is not allowed by current policy.

Name: sec_rgy_passwd_spaces

Value: 0x171220a8

Specified password contains no non-blank character, which is not allowed by current policy.

Name: sec_rgy_passwd_too_short

Value: 0x171220a6

Specified password is shorter than the current minimum limit.

Name: sec_rgy_quota_exhausted

Value: 0x1712208b

Principal's registry quota is exhausted and an update operation was attempted.

Name: sec_rgy_read_only

Value: 0x17122082

Registry is in a read only state and an update was attempted.

Name: sec_rgy_rep_add_master_replica

Value: 0x17122e80

When a slave database is re-initializing, in-memory data is cleared and re-created. Problem occurred when trying to add master replica to its database.

Name: sec_rgy_rep_add_my_replica

Value: 0x17122e7f

When a slave database is re-initializing, in-memory data is cleared and re-created. Problem occurred when trying to add this slave replica to its database.

Name: sec_rgy_rep_already_inited

Value: 0x171220c9

Attempt to initialize a replica that has already been initialized.

Name: sec_rgy_rep_bad_arg

Value: 0x171220c2

Invalid operation.

Name: sec_rgy_rep_bad_binding

Value: 0x171220b6

Bad binding encountered by the registry server.

Name: sec_rgy_rep_bad_db_version

Value: 0x171220aa

Version stored with registry database is not that expected by the registry software executed.

Name: sec_rgy_rep_bad_init_id

Value: 0x171220c8

Internal error, should not occur.

Name: sec_rgy_rep_bad_master_seqno

Value: 0x171220cf

Internal error, should not occur.

Name: sec_rgy_rep_bad_prop_type

Value: 0x171220ca

Internal error, should not occur

Name: sec_rgy_rep_bad_state

Value: 0x171220b4

Operation attempted while registry was in a state unable to perform that type of operation.

Name: sec_rgy_rep_bad_sw_vers

Value: 0x171220c6

Attempted to start registry server with software that is at a version incompatible with that which is stored in the registry database.

Name: sec_rgy_rep_cannot_create_db

Value: 0x171220ab

Unable to create database.

Name: sec_rgy_rep_cannot_open_db

Value: 0x171220ac

Unable to open registry database file that should already exist.

Name: sec_rgy_rep_cannot_read_db

Value: 0x171220ad

Registry server is unable to read the registry database.

Name: sec_rgy_rep_cannot_rename_db

Value: 0x171220af

The registry server was unable to rename the database files during conversion to the current database format.

Name: sec_rgy_rep_cannot_save_db

Value: 0x171220ae

Unable to save registry database to disk.

Name: sec_rgy_rep_clock_skew

Value: 0x171220b9

Clock value between registry server machines is out of tolerance.

Name: sec_rgy_rep_db_locked

Value: 0x171220b8

Database is already locked by another process.

Name: sec_rgy_rep_doppelganger

Value: 0x171220bc

Another replica with the same name or id exists.

Name: sec_rgy_rep_entry_not_found

Value: 0x17122e71

Cannot find the in-memory replica list entry in the stable replica list.

Name: sec_rgy_rep_host_identity

Value: 0x17122d18

Cannot get local host principal's context and identity.

Name: sec_rgy_rep_init_ekey_invalid

Value: 0x171220c5

Initialisation encryption key is not valid.

Name: sec_rgy_rep_init_replica

Value: 0x17122d12

Cannot initialize the server replica.

Name: sec_rgy_rep_invalid_entry

Value: 0x171220c4

Invalid replica entry encountered.

Name: sec_rgy_rep_marked_for_init

Value: 0x171220c7

Attempted to mark a replica for initialisation, that has already been marked for initialisation.

Name: sec_rgy_rep_master

Value: 0x171220b1

Specified operation may only be performed at a non-master registry replica site.

Name: sec_rgy_rep_master_bad_sw_vers

Value: 0x171220cb

Master registry is running a version of software that is not compatible with the replica registry servers.

Name: sec_rgy_rep_master_dup

Value: 0x171220cd

Duplicate master registry servers found.

Name: sec_rgy_rep_master_not_found

Value: 0x171220b0

A registry replica was unable to locate the master registry.

Name: sec_rgy_rep_master_obsolete

Value: 0x17122e4b

A slave has a higher update sequence number than this master, which implies this master has an obsolete database; so exit itself.

Name: sec_rgy_rep_mst_restart_prop

Value: 0x17122e79

After change_master operation failed, the old master try to resume its master role but fail to restart its propagation task threads.

Name: sec_rgy_rep_not_from_master

Value: 0x171220b3

Internal error, should not happen.

Name: sec_rgy_rep_not_master

Value: 0x171220b2

Specified operation may only be performed by the master registry server.

Name: sec_rgy_rep_pack_entry

Value: 0x17122e09

When trying to log replication for add or replace, error occurrs.

Name: sec_rgy_rep_pgmerr

Value: 0x171220a9

Internal error, should not occur.

Name: sec_rgy_rep_recover_db

Value: 0x17122e7e

After an attemp to initialize a replica failed, this operation tried to clear data in memory and reload pre-initializetion database from disk, also failed.

Name: sec_rgy_rep_set_init_id

Value: 0x17122e7c

This code won't be executed; we may as well take it out :-) or replaced with same fatal message

Name: sec_rgy_rep_set_state

Value: 0x17122e7b

This code won't be executed; we may as well take it out :-) or replaced with same fatal message

Name: sec_rgy_rep_set_volatile_state

Value: 0x17122e7d

This code won't be executed; we may as well take it out :-) or replaced with same fatal message

Name: sec_rgy_rep_slave_bad_sw_vers

Value: 0x171220cc

Replica registry server is running a version of software that is not compatible with the master registry server.

Name: sec_rgy_rep_slv_restart_prop

Value: 0x17122e7a

After become_slave operation failed, the old master try to resume its master role but fail to restart its propagation task threads.

Name: sec_rgy_rep_update_seqno_high

Value: 0x171220ba

Slave must have missed/lost some update from the master.

Name: sec_rgy_rep_update_seqno_low

Value: 0x171220bb

Registry replica received an update from a master registry that is older than updates already received by the replica. Either the replica is accepting the new master and should automatically reinitialize itself from this master, or it believes that the master has an obsolete database and it will shut down.

Name: sec_rgy_rsdb_attr_delete

Value: 0x17122ebf

Cannot delete the attribute instance.

Name: sec_rgy_rsdb_attr_export

Value: 0x17122ec0

When exporting attribute values from database to sec_attr, error occurrs.

Name: sec_rgy_rsdb_attr_import

Value: 0x17122ebe

When importing attribute values in sec_attr to internal buffer area, error occurrs.

Name: sec_rgy_rsdb_attr_set_id

Value: 0x17122ebd

Cannot set the object's attribute list ID.

Name: sec_rgy_rsdb_checkpt

Value: 0x17122e78

Cannot checkpoint the database.

Name: sec_rgy_rsdb_checkpt_uninit

Value: 0x17122e81

When a slave database is re-initializing, in-memory data is cleared and re-created. Problem occurred when trying to do checkpoint on this database.

Name: sec_rgy_server_unavailable

Value: 0x1712207b

Unable to contact a registry server.

Name: sec_rgy_set_stack_size

Value: 0x17122d0e

Cannot set rpc listener thread stack size to be 64*1024.

Name: sec_rgy_shutdown_done

Value: 0x17122d06

Security server shutdown has been completed.

Name: sec_rgy_site_not_absolute

Value: 0x171220a2

A non-absolute name specified as the registry site.

Name: sec_rgy_s_pgo_is_required

Value: 0x1712209e

Attempted to delete a required PGO or account.

Name: sec_rgy_startup_done

Value: 0x17122d05

Security server initialisation has been completed.

Name: sec_rgy_svr_register

Value: 0x17122d15

Failed when registering with the rpc runtime and with the endpoint mapper.

Name: sec_rgy_svr_register_ns

Value: 0x17122d54

The server cannot register with the name service.

Name: sec_rgy_thr_exit_alert

Value: 0x17122d03

The thread is exiting with an alert exception.

Name: sec_rgy_thr_exit_exc

Value: 0x17122d04

The thread is exiting with an exception.

Name: sec_rgy_thr_join

Value: 0x17122d02

Cannot join pthread tasks.

Name: sec_rgy_thr_set_pool

Value: 0x17122d1c

Prior to setting maximum number of rpc listener threads, a call to set rpc listener threads pool queue length failed,.

Name: sec_rgy_unix_id_changed

Value: 0x17122077

The specified unix id doesn't match unix id extracted from the specified UUID.

Name: sec_rgy_uuid_bad_version

Value: 0x1712208e

Version of UUID does not match that expected for this operation. Could occur if the registry server expected a UUID containing an embedded Unix ID, but was passed a generic UUID.

Name: sec_rsdb_acct_add_curkey

Value: 0x17122eb7

An attempt to add to the current key version was detected.

Name: sec_rsdb_acct_cant_getid

Value: 0x17122eb5

The application was unable to get the account by the specified ID.

Name: sec_rsdb_acct_end_list

Value: 0x17122eb8

The end of the member list was encountered unexpectedly.

Name: sec_rsdb_acct_noaliases

Value: 0x17122eb6

There are no remaining aliases.

Name: sec_rsdb_acct_reset

Value: 0x17122eb4

Unable to reset previous account information.

Name: sec_rsdb_bad_policy_data

Value: 0x17122ecb

The policy data is not of a valid size.

Name: sec_rsdb_bad_policy_key

Value: 0x17122ecc

The key for the policy data is illegal.

Name: sec_rsdb_cant_cntr_item_name

Value: 0x17122ecd

Unable to construct the specified item name.

Name: sec_rsdb_cant_get_group_creds

Value: 0x17122ed4

Unable to obtain credentials for the specified group.

Name: sec_rsdb_cant_get_item

Value: 0x17122ec9

Unable to look up the specified item.

Name: sec_rsdb_cant_get_item_seqid

Value: 0x17122ed2

Unable to get the record of the specified item for sequential ID.

Name: sec_rsdb_cant_get_key

Value: 0x17122ed7

Unable to get the key for sequential ID.

Name: sec_rsdb_cant_get_member_data

Value: 0x17122ed6

Unable to get membership data.

Name: sec_rsdb_cant_get_mgr_typuuid

Value: 0x17122edb

Could not get a manager type UUID.

Name: sec_rsdb_cant_get_org_creds

Value: 0x17122ed5

Unable to obtain credentials for the specified organization.

Name: sec_rsdb_cant_get_person_creds

Value: 0x17122ed3

Unable to obtain credentials for the specified person.

Name: sec_rsdb_cant_get_pgo_creds

Value: 0x17122ec8

Unable to obtain credentials for the specified pgo.

Name: sec_rsdb_cant_init_acl

Value: 0x17122ed9

Could not initialize the ACL list.

Name: sec_rsdb_cant_set_auth_policy

Value: 0x17122ec6

Unable to set the authorisation policy.

Name: sec_rsdb_cant_set_policy

Value: 0x17122ec5

Unable to set the policy.

Name: sec_rsdb_cant_set_properties

Value: 0x17122ec3

Unable to set the properties.

Name: sec_rsdb_cant_set_realm

Value: 0x17122ec4

Unable to set the realm.

Name: sec_rsdb_cant_store_new_item

Value: 0x17122ed1

Could not store the new item.

Name: sec_rsdb_cant_walk_alias_chain

Value: 0x17122eca

Unable to walk the alias chain.

Name: sec_rsdb_corrupt_alias_chain

Value: 0x17122ece

The database alias chain is corrupted.

Name: sec_rsdb_db_chkpt_err

Value: 0x17122ea5

Cannot checkpoint the database.

Name: sec_rsdb_db_inconsistent

Value: 0x17122ed0

The database is inconsistent.

Name: sec_rsdb_dbstore_fail

Value: 0x17122ea9

Storage in the database failed.

Name: sec_rsdb_db_unrecog_state

Value: 0x17122ea1

The database is in an unrecognized state.

Name: sec_rsdb_db_write_fail

Value: 0x17122eb3

Write to the database failed.

Name: sec_rsdb_end_memb_list

Value: 0x17122ecf

End of membership list was reached.

Name: sec_rsdb_ent_not_xlated

Value: 0x17122ea2

The log entry could not be translated and so was skipped.

Name: sec_rsdb_fetch_error

Value: 0x17122ed8

An error occurred while fetching data.

Name: sec_rsdb_file_rename_err

Value: 0x17122ea7

Cannot rename files during checkpoint.

Name: sec_rsdb_file_stat_fail

Value: 0x17122eb1

Unable to stat the file with the specified descriptor.

Name: sec_rsdb_inconsistent_creds

Value: 0x17122ec7

The database inconsistent; the credentials item length is not valid.

Name: sec_rsdb_list_not_terminated

Value: 0x17122ec1

The ist was not properly terminated.

Name: sec_rsdb_log_chkpt_err

Value: 0x17122ea6

Cannot checkpoint log file.

Name: sec_rsdb_logent_replay_err

Value: 0x17122ea4

An error occurred while replaying the log entry and it was skipped.

Name: sec_rsdb_log_file_open

Value: 0x17122ea0

The log file is already open.

Name: sec_rsdb_no_open_slot

Value: 0x17122ec2

There is no open slot in the list.

Name: sec_rsdb_readver_fail

Value: 0x17122eb2

Unable to read version the specified version file.

Name: sec_rsdb_repl_fail

Value: 0x17122eaa

The database replace operation failed.

Name: sec_rsdb_rep_state_not_saved

Value: 0x17122ea8

Cannot save the replica state.

Name: sec_rsdb_unknown_aclmgr_type

Value: 0x17122eda

Unknown ACL manager type.

Name: sec_rs_global_lock_fatal_exc

Value: 0x17122edf

An exception occurred while a global lock was held.

Name: sec_rs_lock_fatal_exc

Value: 0x17122ede

An exception occurred while a lock was held. The first %s is the mode string which can be read, write or read-intend-to-write . The Name: second parameter is the type of lock and indicates on what the lock was held - database, replica list, log etc.

Name: sec_rs_log_bad_version

Value: 0x17122e00

The version of the log file is bad.

Name: sec_rs_log_base_prop_seq

Value: 0x17122e06

Logged during replay.

Name: sec_rs_log_file_closed

Value: 0x17122e02

The log file was not open.

Name: sec_rs_login_bad_name

Value: 0x17122d27

The login name is invalid.

Name: sec_rs_login_cant_refresh

Value: 0x17122d25

Unable to refresh the specified identity; will idle and retry.

Name: sec_rs_login_null_handle

Value: 0x17122d21

The registry login handle is null.

Name: sec_rs_login_null_name

Value: 0x17122d22

The login name is either a null pointer or a null string.

Name: sec_rs_login_refresh

Value: 0x17122d24

The thread will attempt to refresh to the login context using the call sec_login_refresh_identity()

Name: sec_rs_login_refresh_wait

Value: 0x17122d23

The thread will wait for the specified number of seconds before attempting to refresh the login context.

Name: sec_rs_login_wrong_call

Value: 0x17122d20

Internal error.

Name: sec_rs_log_open_fail

Value: 0x17122e01

Failed to open the log file.

Name: sec_rs_log_propq_add_fail

Value: 0x17122e03

An attempt to add information to the propagation queue failed. .

Name: sec_rs_log_replay

Value: 0x17122e04

Replay the log file.

Name: sec_rs_log_replay_entry

Value: 0x17122e07

Logged during replay.

Name: sec_rs_log_replay_err

Value: 0x17122e08

An error occurred while replaying the log.

Name: sec_rs_log_replay_succ

Value: 0x17122e05

Successfully replayed the log file.

Name: sec_rs_mkey_actver_mismatch

Value: 0x17122e21

The account's master key version doesn't match the old or the new.

Name: sec_rs_mkey_long_keyseed

Value: 0x17122e23

The keyseed is too long.

Name: sec_rs_mkey_unknown

Value: 0x17122e22

The master key version decrypting the account key is unrecognized.

Name: sec_rs_ns_bind_export

Value: 0x17122d4c

The security server is attempting to export the interfaces to the name space.

Name: sec_rs_ns_bind_export_succ

Value: 0x17122d4d

The bindings have been exported to name space.

Name: sec_rs_ns_bind_remove_succ

Value: 0x17122d4e

The bindings have been exported to name space.

Name: sec_rs_ns_cant_rm_member

Value: 0x17122d52

Unable to remove the old name from the group.

Name: sec_rs_ns_cant_rm_name

Value: 0x17122d51

The old name was not removed from the name service.

Name: sec_rs_ns_grp_ent_create_fail

Value: 0x17122d42

Informational event. .

Name: sec_rs_ns_grp_ent_create_succ

Value: 0x17122d43

Informational event.

Name: sec_rs_ns_grp_mbr_add_fail

Value: 0x17122d44

Informational event. .

Name: sec_rs_ns_grp_mbr_add_succ

Value: 0x17122d45

The member was added to the group.

Name: sec_rs_ns_name_del_succ

Value: 0x17122d4f

The name entry has been deleted successfully from the name space. The name entry is also no longer a member of the group entry.

Name: sec_rs_ns_name_not_removed

Value: 0x17122d50

The old name not removed from name service; it may not belong to this server.

Name: sec_rs_ns_null_profile

Value: 0x17122d40

This is an internal error.

Name: sec_rs_ns_null_v1_group

Value: 0x17122d41

This is an internal error.

Name: sec_rs_ns_prof_elt_add_fail

Value: 0x17122d46

The profile element was not added to cell-profile.

Name: sec_rs_ns_prof_elt_add_succ

Value: 0x17122d47

The profile element was added to cell-profile.

Name: sec_rs_ns_prof_elt_inq_fail

Value: 0x17122d4a

The profile element inquiry failed.

Name: sec_rs_ns_prof_elt_inq_succ

Value: 0x17122d4b

Read the catalog point from the profile.

Name: sec_rs_ns_prof_elt_rm_fail

Value: 0x17122d48

The secidmap to sec mapping could not be removed from cell-profile.

Name: sec_rs_ns_prof_elt_rm_succ

Value: 0x17122d49

The secidmap to sec mapping was removed from cell-profile.

Name: sec_rs_pipe_not_created

Value: 0x17122cd2

Unable to establish a parent-child pipe.

Name: sec_rs_pwd_bogus_pickle

Value: 0x17122cc1

Internal password representation incorrect.

Name: sec_rs_rep_incompat_version

Value: 0x17122e65

The software version is incompatible with the master's version. The server will exit.

Name: sec_rs_rep_not_master

Value: 0x17122e64

The replica is no longer the master.

Name: sec_rs_rpc_if_reg_succ

Value: 0x17122d80

Security server has successfully registered the server interfaces with the RPC runtime and the end point mapper

Name: sec_rs_rpc_if_unreg_succ

Value: 0x17122d83

Security server has unregistered the server interfaces from the RPC runtime and the end point mapper

Name: sec_rs_rpc_inq_bind_err

Value: 0x17122d85

Unable to establish the requested server bindings.

Name: sec_rs_rpc_propif_reg_succ

Value: 0x17122d81

Security server has successfully registered the interfaces required for Name: security replication with the RPC runtime and the end point mapper.

Name: sec_rs_rpc_propif_unreg_succ

Value: 0x17122d82

Security server has unregistered the interfaces required for Name: security replication from the RPC runtime and the end point mapper.

Name: sec_rs_rpc_prot_twr_err

Value: 0x17122d87

Unable to get the server's protocol towers.

Name: sec_rs_rpc_save_bind_err

Value: 0x17122d86

Unable to save the server's bindings.

Name: sec_rs_rpc_use_protseq_err

Value: 0x17122d84

Unable to listen on any protocol sequence.

Name: sec_rs_thr_create_fail

Value: 0x17122da1

The specified thread could not be created . The actual cause of failure is logged prior to this.

Name: sec_rs_thr_exit_creat_fail

Value: 0x17122da0

The security server exited because thread creation failed. To name of the thread which could not be created and the reason why it could not be created is logged by the status sec_rs_thr_create_fail.

Name: sec_rs_thr_exiting

Value: 0x17122da3

The thread is about to exit.

Name: sec_rs_thr_started

Value: 0x17122da2

The specified thread has been started. This message is logged by a thread as soon as it is created and starts running.

Name: sec_rs_vmcc_cant_register

Value: 0x17122e60

Unable to register virtual memory kerberos credential cache type.

Name: sec_rs_vmcc_cant_remove

Value: 0x17122e61

Cannot remove individual credentials from the VM cache.

Name: sec_s_authz_unsupp

Value: 0x17122001

The requested authorisation protocol is not supported by the authentication protocol requested.

Name: sec_s_bad_key_parity

Value: 0x1712200d

Specified DES key did not pass a parity check.

Name: sec_s_bad_nonce

Value: 0x17122003

Client failed challenge issued by server in RPC DG callback. Could be caused by a bug in DCE, trouble with the network, or possibly a failed security attack.

Name: sec_secd_cl_bad_arg

Value: 0x17122d09

The argument for the specified option is not correct.

Name: sec_secd_cl_bad_chkpt_interval

Value: 0x17122d0c

Checkpoint interval specified on the command line is not a positive number.

Name: sec_secd_cl_locksmith_opt

Value: 0x17122d0b

The specified option is valid and can be used only when -locksmith is also used.

Name: sec_secd_cl_missing_arg

Value: 0x17122d08

The specified option requires an argument which was not specified.

Name: sec_secd_cl_unknown_opt

Value: 0x17122d0a

The specified option is either invalid or unknown.

Name: sec_secd_cl_usage

Value: 0x17122d07

Name: secd started with incorrect arguments.

Name: sec_s_invalid_name service_entry

Value: 0x1712200b

Registry server encountered an error while processing its name service entry. May be caused by an incomplete or incorrect configuration, or by duplicate secd replicas running simultaneously.

Name: sec_site_bind_default

Value: 0x17122f24

Attempting to bind to a registry site using the specified file.

Name: sec_site_bind_fail

Value: 0x17122f22

Failed to bind to the specified registry site.

Name: sec_site_bind_start

Value: 0x17122f20

Attempting to bind to the specified registry site.

Name: sec_site_bind_succ

Value: 0x17122f21

Successfully bound to the registry site.

Name: sec_site_cell_bind_start

Value: 0x17122f23

Attempting to bind to an arbitrary registry site in the specified cell.

Name: sec_site_lookup_file

Value: 0x17122f28

Retrieving RPC string binding handles for the specified server from the specified file.

Name: sec_site_profile_search_fail

Value: 0x17122f2b

The search for a security server using the specified profile s failed.

Name: sec_site_profile_search_start

Value: 0x17122f29

Beginning a search for the security server using the specified profile.

Name: sec_site_profile_search_succ

Value: 0x17122f2a

Successfully located security the specified server using the specified profile.

Name: sec_site_rebind_fail

Value: 0x17122f27

Failed to rebind to an alternate registry site.

Name: sec_site_rebind_start

Value: 0x17122f25

Attempting to rebind to an alternate registry site.

Name: sec_site_rebind_succ

Value: 0x17122f26

Successfully rebound to the registry site.

Name: sec_s_keytype_unsupp

Value: 0x17122002

Most likely an internal error, caused by a defect in DCE.

Name: sec_s_no_key_seed

Value: 0x17122009

Security service has not yet been initialized, so there is no random key seed available.

Name: sec_s_no_memory

Value: 0x17122007

Unable to allocate memory for the requested operation.

Name: sec_s_none_registered

Value: 0x17122004

Application programming error. The server has not yet registered its identity with the security runtime.

Name: sec_s_no_pac

Value: 0x17122005

Improperly formed RPC authentication protocol message. Most likely caused by a defect in DCE.

Name: sec_s_not_implemented

Value: 0x17122006

Requested operation is not implemented by this verion of DCE.

Name: sec_s_not_trustworthy

Value: 0x17122008

Client field of an incoming ticket was not the known Name: security/privilege server.

Name: sec_s_pgmerr

Value: 0x1712200c

Internal security server error.

Name: sec_s_v1_1_no_support

Value: 0x1712200f

Client attempted to use a DCE1.1 security feature that the server doesn't support.

Name: sec_svc_cant_get_msg

Value: 0x17122cd1

Serviceability component returns a error.

Name: sec_svc_not_authorized

Value: 0x1712217e

Caller is not authorized to perform the requested serviceability operation.

Name: sec_sys_errno_text

Value: 0x17122f61

The function call returned -1 and errno was set.

Name: sec_sys_errno_text_only

Value: 0x17122f62

The function call returned -1 and errno was set.

Name: sec_sys_file_ftruncate_fail

Value: 0x17122f69

An attempt to truncate the file using the call ftruncate() failed.

Name: sec_sys_file_lseek_fail

Value: 0x17122f63

The file seek failed.

Name: sec_sys_file_open_fail

Value: 0x17122f64

Failed to open the specified file.

Name: sec_sys_file_read_error

Value: 0x17122f67

The requested number of bytes were not read from the file.

Name: sec_sys_file_write_error

Value: 0x17122f68

The requested number of bytes were not written to the file.

Name: sec_thr_alert

Value: 0x17122f42

Thread received an alert exception.

Name: sec_thr_exit_cancel

Value: 0x17122f41

The thread terminated execution because it received a thread cancel exception.

Name: sec_thr_exit_exc

Value: 0x17122f43

The thread terminated execution because it received an exception.

Name: sec_thr_post_cancel

Value: 0x17122f40

Posting a cancel to specified thread.

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