General How-To Information

This page describes the general how-to information provided in the TOGAF Standard.

Document Summary

TOGAF Series Guide: A Practitioners’ Approach to Developing Enterprise Architecture Following the TOGAF ADM

This document is written for the Practitioner, the person who is tasked to develop, maintain, and use an EA. Choice of the term Practitioner is deliberate, reflecting the role, rather than one of the myriad job titles in an Enterprise the Practitioner may have.

This document provides guidance on using the TOGAF framework to develop, maintain, and use an Enterprise Architecture (EA). It is a companion to the TOGAF framework and is intended to bring the concepts and generic constructs in the TOGAF framework to life. It puts forward an approach to develop, maintain, and use an EA that aligns to a set of requirements and expectations of the stakeholders and enables predictable value creation.

Developing, maintaining, and using an EA requires deep interaction with several specialized functions such as strategy development, budgeting, benefits realization, portfolio management, program & project management, and operational units.

TOGAF Series Guide: Using the TOGAF Standard in the Digital Enterprise

This document is written for individuals who are undertaking the roles of both Enterprise Architects and Digital Practitioners. For Digital Practitioners it communicates what architecture practices would help to grow their digital enterprise, and how to interact with the Enterprise Architecture community to get them. For those undertaking an Enterprise Architect role it provides guidance on supporting the digital enterprise.

This document provides insight on how to adapt the TOGAF Standard to support the digital enterprise in alignment with the the Digital Practitioner Body of Knowledge™ Standard. It sets out to answer two overarching questions:

  1. How do Enterprise Architecture and the TOGAF® Standard enable the digital enterprise?

  2. When and how to apply TOGAF methods and best practices to guide a digital enterprise through its stages of development?

TOGAF Series Guide: Digital Technology Adoption: A Guide to Readiness Assessment and Roadmap Development

This document provides a technique that can be used by Enterprise Architects in leading and guiding the process of assessment for a Digital Transformation.

This document covers the critical tenets of digital technology adoption for any organization. The application of this document is technology-neutral by design. The readers of this document will get a defined roadmap that could be leveraged for adopting digital technology. The intent of the document is to facilitate readers with a readiness assessment which is to be used as a toolkit.