Reference Models and Method Guidance

Document Summary

TOGAF Series Guide: Architecture Maturity Models

This document introduces the concept of Architecture Capability Maturity Models, techniques for evaluating and quantifying an organization’s maturity in Enterprise Architecture, including a publicly available framework as an example, which can be used by any enterprise to develop their own organization-specific maturity model.

TOGAF Series Guide: Architecture Project Management

This document provides guidelines for TOGAF architects on how to manage an Architecture Project using an approach that supplements the TOGAF ADM with selected Project Management techniques. The goal of this approach is to enhance an Architecture Project’s chances of success through better planning, monitoring, and communication.

TOGAF Series Guide: Architecture Skills Framework

This document provides a set of role, skill, and experience norms for staff undertaking Enterprise Architecture work. It provides a view of the competency levels for specific roles within the Enterprise Architecture team, defining specific roles, the skills required by those roles, and the depth of knowledge required to fulfill each role successfully.

TOGAF Series Guide: Digital Business Reference Model (DBRM)

This document provides an industry-independent outline of common core components that are essential building blocks for the modern digital enterprise. It enables organizations to develop an appropriate digital architecture blueprint in response to their changing strategies, business model, operating model, and operations.

TOGAF Series Guide: Government Reference Model (GRM)

This document provides a standard reference model template that can be used to describe any business in the public sector and allow for different architecture approaches and analysis techniques. It gives public sector organizations a common way to view themselves in order to plan and execute effective transformational change.

TOGAF Series Guide: Microservices Architecture (MSA)

This document provides guidance on how the architect can use the TOGAF Standard to develop, manage, and govern Microservices Architecture (MSA) or any architecture where MSA is part of the scope.