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mv - pointer page for functions with mv prefix


Most cases in which a Curses function has the mv prefix indicate that the function takes y and x arguments and moves the cursor to that address as though move() were first called. (The corresponding functions without the mv prefix operate at the cursor position.) The mvcur(), mvderwin() and mvwin() functions are exceptions to this rule, in that mv is not a prefix with the usual meaning and there are no corresponding functions without the mv prefix. These functions have entries under their own names.

In the mvprintw() and mvscanw() functions, mv is a prefix with the usual meaning, but the functions have entries under their own names because the mv function is the first function in the family of functions in alphabetical order.

The mv prefix is combined with a w prefix to produce Curses functions beginning with mvw.

The mv and mvw functions are discussed together with the corresponding functions that do not have these prefixes. They are found on the following entries:

mvaddch() mvwaddch() addch()
mvaddchnstr() mvwaddchnstr() addchstr()
mvaddchstr() mvwaddchstr() addchstr()
mvaddnstr() mvwaddnstr() addnstr()
mvaddstr() mvwaddstr() addnstr()
mvaddnwstr() mvwaddnwstr() addnwstr()
mvaddwstr() mvwaddwstr() addnwstr()
mvadd_wch() mvwadd_wch() add_wch()
mvadd_wchnstr() mvwadd_wchnstr() add_wchnstr()
mvadd_wchstr() mvwadd_wchstr() add_wchnstr()
mvchgat() mvwchgat() chgat()
mvdelch() mvwdelch() delch()
mvgetch() mvwgetch() getch()
mvgetnstr() mvwgetnstr() getnstr()
mvgetstr() mvwgetstr() getnstr()
mvgetn_wstr() mvwgetn_wstr() getn_wstr()
mvget_wch() mvwget_wch() get_wch()
mvget_wstr() mvwget_wstr() getn_wstr()
mvhline() mvwhline() hline()
mvhline_set() mvwhline_set() hline_set()
mvinch() mvwinch() inch()
mvinchnstr() mvwinchnstr() inchnstr()
mvinchstr() mvwinchstr() inchnstr()
mvinnstr() mvwinnstr() innstr()
mvinnwstr() mvwinnwstr() innwstr()
mvinsch() mvwinsch() insch()
mvinsnstr() mvwinsnstr() insnstr()
mvinsstr() mvwinsstr() insnstr()
mvinstr() mvwinstr() innstr()
mvins_nwstr() mvwins_nwstr() ins_nwstr()
mvins_wch() mvwins_wch() ins_wch()
mvins_wstr() mvwins_wstr() ins_nwstr()
mvinwstr() mvwinwstr() innwstr()
mvin_wch() mvwin_wch() in_wch()
mvin_wchnstr() mvwin_wchnstr() in_wchnstr()
mvin_wchstr() mvwin_wchstr() in_wchnstr()
mvprintw() mvwprintw() mvprintw()
mvscanw() mvwscanw() mvscanw()
mvvline() mvwvline() hline()
mvvline_set() mvwvline_set() hline_set()



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