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Common Security: CDSA and CSSM, Version 2
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File-Based Representation of Signed Manifests


This section describes the file system based representation of a signed manifest. A signed manifest consists of:

A persistent signed manifest must reside in at least three files. The three files are zipped to create a single credential file in PKZIP format. Each file has an identifying suffix:

The archive format of an .esw file must conform to the archive format specified by PKWARE.

Representation Constraints

Filenames for the manifest file, signer information file and signature block file are restricted to the printable characters A-Z a-z 0-9 and dash and underscore. Base filenames consist of at most eight characters.

All file suffixes must be recognized in upper and lower case.

For each x.sf file there must be a corresponding signature block file.

Before parsing:




Line length:




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