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Distributed Audit Service (XDAS)
Copyright © 1998 The Open Group


xdas_get_next - read next set of records from a previously opened audit stream


OM_uint32 xdas_get_next (
    	OM_uint32				*minor_status,  
    	const xdas_audit_ref_t		*das_ref,
	const xdas_audit_stream_t		*audit_stream_ref,
    	const OM_unit32			 max_records,   
    	const xdas_buffer_t			*audit_record_buffer,
	OM_unit32				*no_of_records


xdas_get_next() is a member of the Basic XDAS Conformance class.

The xdas_get_next() function copies up to max-records complete records from the audit stream accessed by das_ref into the buffer audit_record_buffer previously allocated by the caller. The actual number of records retrieved by the function is returned in no_of_records.

If the function successfully reads a record or records from the audit stream, the cursor associated with the audit stream referred to by das_ref will be advanced to the next unread record in the audit stream.

If the call is unsuccessful, the position of the cursor is not changed. The caller must have the XDAS_AUDIT_READ authority

If there are no more available audit records, no_of_records is set to 0 and the function returns [XDAS_S_END].

If the size of the buffer audit_record_buffer allocated by the caller is too small to hold a single audit record, no_of_records is set to 0 and the function returns [XDAS_S_BUFF_TOO_SMALL].

If successful, the function returns [XDAS_S_COMPLETE].

The arguments for xdas_get_next() are:

minor_status (out)

An implementation specific return status that provides additional information when [XDAS_S_FAILURE] is returned by the function.

das_ref (in)

The handle to the XDAS server, obtained from a previous call to xdas_initialize_session().

audit_stream_ref (in)

The handle to the XDAS audit stream, obtained from a previous call to xdas_open_audit_stream().

max_records (in)"
The maximum number of records to be returned by the function in any one call.

audit_record_buffer (in)

Pointer to the buffer to which the audit records are to be copied.

no_of_records (out)

the number of records actually copied into audit_record_buffer.


The following XDAS status codes shall be returned:


The caller does not possess the required authority.


The buffer allocated by the caller is too small to hold a single audit record.


Successful completion.


The end of the audit stream has been reached.


An implementation specific error or failure has occurred.


The audit service handle supplied does not point to the audit service.


The audit stream handle supplied is invalid.


No other errors are defined.

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