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Distributed Audit Service (XDAS)
Copyright © 1998 The Open Group


xdas_open_audit_stream - open the audit_stream


OM_uint32 xdas_open_audit_stream ( 
    OM_uint32				*minor_status,
    const xdas_audit_ref_t		*das_ref,
    xdas_audit_stream_t		**audit_stream_ref


xdas_open_audit_stream() is a member of the Basic XDAS Conformance class.

The xdas_open_audit_stream() function opens the audit stream for reading and returns a handle to the audit stream in audit_stream_ref handle. A caller may obtain more than one handle to the audit stream, each of which is independent of any other handles. The caller must possess the XDAS_AUDIT_READ authority.

If successful, the function returns [XDAS_S_COMPLETE].

The arguments for xdas_open_audit_stream() are:

minor_status (out)

An implementation specific return status that provides additional information when [XDAS_S_FAILURE] is returned by the function.

das_ref (in)

Handle to the audit service obtained from a previous call to xdas_initialize_session.

audit_stream_ref (out)

Handle to the audit stream returned by the function.


The following XDAS status codes shall be returned:


The caller does not possess the required authority.


Successful completion.


An implementation specific error or failure has occurred.


The handle to the audit service is not valid.


No other errors are defined.

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