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Distributed Audit Service (XDAS)
Copyright © 1998 The Open Group


xdas_parse_record - parse an audit event record in an audit record buffer


OM_uint32 xdas_parse_record (
    OM_uint32				*minor_status, 
    const xdas_audit_ref_t		*das_ref,
    const xdas_audit_desc_t	*audit_record_buffer,
    const OM_uint32			 record_number,
    xdas_audit_record_t		*audit_record


xdas_parse_record() is a member of the XDAS Conformance class.

The xdas_parse_record() function parses and decomposes record number record_number in audit_record_buffer filled with a number of records by a previous call to xdas_get_next(). Records are extracted from audit_record_buffer by starting with record number 0 and interating until one less than the number of records returned by xdas_get_next().

If successful, the function returns [XDAS_S_COMPLETE].

If record_number does not match a record within audit_record_buffer then [XDAS_S_INVALID_RECORD_NUMBER] is returned.

The arguments for xdas_parse_record() are:

minor_status (out)

An implementation specific return status that provides additional information when [XDAS_S_FAILURE] is returned by the function.

das_ref (in)

The handle to the XDAS server, obtained from a previous call to xdas_initialize_session().

audit_record_buffer (in)

The handle to the audit record buffer populated by a previous call to xdas_get_next().

record_number (in)

The number of the record to be retrieved from audit_record_buffer. The first record is referred to by a record_number of 0. audit_record (in,out)"
The structure containing the fields of the parsed audit record.


The following XDAS status codes shall be returned:


The caller does not possess the required authority.


Successful completion.


An implementation specific error or failure has occurred.


The audit service handle supplied does not point to the audit service.


The specified event number is not valid.


The initiator information supplied has a syntax error.


The specified outcome is not valid.


The specified audit record number is not valid.


The specified target information has a syntax error.


The event specified does not need to be audited.


The audit service has insufficient information to decide if the event requires auditing.


The specified audit event information is not valid.


No other errors are defined.

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