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CDE 1.1: Remote Procedure Call
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Architected and Default Values for Protocol Machines

Default Protocol Machine Values identifies the recommended default time-out values referenced in the client and server protocol machines. Implementations must provide for default settings of these timers. Applications may overwrite these default values through appropriate API functions.

Reference Name Protocol Default Value Description
TIMEOUT_ACK CL 1 second Wait before sending an ack PDU.
TIMEOUT_BROADCAST CL 5 seconds Wait for a response to a broadcast PDU.
TIMEOUT_CANCEL CL 1 second Wait for a response to a cancel PDU.
TIMEOUT_CANCEL CO Infinity Wait for a response to a cancel PDU.
TIMEOUT_FRAG CL 2 seconds Wait for a fack PDU if the no_fack flag was cleared.
TIMEOUT_IDLE CL 300 seconds Time for keeping state information about the client.
TIMEOUT_MAX_ALLOC_WAIT CO 3 seconds Initial value for wait before retrying association allocation.
TIMEOUT_PING CL 2 seconds Wait for a response to a ping PDU.
TIMEOUT_RESEND CL 2 seconds Wait for acknowledgement from client before retransmitting a response.
TIMEOUT_SERVER_DISCONNECT CO 10 seconds Wait before shutdown of idle connections (only if resources are scarce).
TIMEOUT_WAIT CL Infinity Wait for a response to a request PDU.

Table: Default Protocol Machine Values

Definition of MustRecvFragSize defines the constant MustRecvFragSize.

Reference Name Protocol Value
MustRecvFragSize CO 1432
MustRecvFragSize CL 1464

Table: Definition of MustRecvFragSize

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