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CDE 1.1: Remote Procedure Call
Copyright © 1997 The Open Group

Protocol Tower Encoding

This appendix details the encoding of RPC binding information as protocol towers.

Common Declarations describes an abstract model of RPC binding information referred to as a protocol_tower_t data type.

IDL Data Type Declarations defines the actual (concrete) IDL representation of a protocol tower data type as twr_t and twr_p_t data types as follows:

 * Protocol Tower. The network representation of network addressing
 * information (e.g., RPC bindings).
typedef struct {
    unsigned32          tower_length;
    byte                tower_octet_string[];
} twr_t, *twr_p_t;

This appendix defines the rules for encoding an protocol_tower_t (abstract) into the twr_t.tower_octet_string and twr_p_t->tower_octet_string fields (concrete). For historical reasons, this cannot be done using the standard NDR encoding rules for marshalling and unmarshalling. A special encoding is required.

Note that the twr_t and twr_p_t are mashalled as standard IDL data types, encoded in the standard transfer syntax (for example, NDR). As far as IDL and NDR are concerned, tower_octet_string is simply an opaque conformant byte array. This section only defines how to construct this opaque open array of octets, which contains the actual protocol tower information.

The tower_octet_string[] is a variable length array of octets that encodes a single, complete protocol tower. It is encoded as follows:

Protocol Tower Contents

All towers contain the 3 floors shown in Floors 1 to 3 Inclusive .

Floor Content
1 RPC interface identifier
2 RPC Data representation identifier
3 RPC protocol identifier

Table: Floors 1 to 3 Inclusive

The content of floors 4 and 5 are protseq-specific. Floors 4 and 5 for TCP/IP Protocols shows the contents for the protocol sequences ncacn_ip_tcp and ncadg_ip_udp.

Floor Content
4 Port address
5 Host address

Table: Floors 4 and 5 for TCP/IP Protocols

Implementations may optionally support the protocol sequence ncacn_dnet_nsp. Floors 4, 5 and 6 for DECnet Protocol shows the tower contents for this protocol.

Floor Content
4 DECnet session control
5 Transport - Network Services Protocol (NSP)
6 DECnet routing - Network Service Access Point (NSAP)

Table: Floors 4, 5 and 6 for DECnet Protocol

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