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CDE 1.1: Remote Procedure Call
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The dce_error_inq_text Manual Page

The dce_error_inq_text() routine may be used by RPC applications to return message text corresponding to a status value. Because this routine is not specifically RPC-related, it is specified in this appendix rather than as part of RPC API Manual Pages . DCE 1.1: Remote Procedure Call - dce_error_inq_text

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dce_error_inq_text- returns the message text associated with a status code


#include <dce/rpc.h>
#include <dce/dce_error.h>

void dce_error_inq_text(

error_status_t status_to_convert, dce_error_string_t *error_text,

int *status);



Specifies the status code for which message text is to be retrieved.


Returns the message text associated with status_to_convert.

Returns the status code from this operation. A value of 0 (zero) indicates that the operation completed successfully. A value of -1 indicates that it failed.


The dce_error_inq_text() routine retrieves message text associated with a status code returned by a routine.

All message texts are assigned a unique 32-bit message ID. The special value of all-bits-zero is reserved to indicate success. The dce_error_inq_text() routine uses the message ID as a series of indices; the string found and returned explains the associated status code.

The application must provide memory for the returned message. The largest returned message is dce_c_error_string_len characters long, including the terminating NULL character.

If the call fails, this routine returns a message as well as a failure code in the status argument.



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