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DCE 1.1: Authentication and Security Services
Copyright © 1997 The Open Group

Symbol Mapping Table

This appendix is informative, not normative. It imposes no restrictions on conforming implementations.

The table below is a "symbol mapping table", correlating symbols employed in this specification with symbols occurring in the source code of the standard OSF reference implementation of DCE. The symbols occurring in the reference implementation are familiar to most DCE developers, but they were not chosen with an English-language specification document (such as this specification) in mind. For example, the DCE symbol kds_request() is more "English-friendly" than the reference implementation's symbol rsec_krb5rpc_sendto_kdc(). This table is included solely as an aid to developers who desire to compare their implementation with this specification-it does not impose any restrictions on conforming implementations.

In the table, indentation indicates either:

  1. fields in a data structure, or

  2. parameters in an operation signature.

Not every symbol in this specification has been listed-where symbols differ only trivially and cause no confusion to a reader, no note is made of them. On the other hand, wherever one field/parameter is listed due to a non-trivial difference in the symbols, all fields/parameters that differ (even trivially) for that structure/operation are listed.

This Specification OSF DCE Reference Implementation
scd_protected_noop() sec_login_validate_cert_auth()
rpc_mgmt_set_authorization_fcn() rpc_mgmt_set_authorization_fn()
stx_id id
stx_version version
idl_pkl_header_t [doesn't exist-idl_pkl_header_t is merely a conceptual representation of data that's stored as a byte stream in an idl_pkl_t]
kds_request() rsec_krb5rpc_sendto_kdc()
rpc_handle h
request_count len
request message
response_count_max out_buf_len
response_count resp_len
response out_buf
ps_message_t rpriv_pickle_t
ps_request() rpriv_get_ptgt()
rpc_handle handle
authn_service authn_svc
authz_service authz_svc
request ptgt_req
response ptgt_rep
ps_c_authn_secret rpc_c_authn_dce_secret
ps_c_authz_dce rpc_c_authz_dce
cell realm
cell realm
count_local_groups num_groups
local_groups groups
count_bytes num_bytes
pac_format pac_type
cell realm
primary_group group
count_local_groups num_groups
count_foreign_groups num_foreign_groups
local_groups groups
local_id id
default_cell default_realm
count num_entries
perm permissions
rpc_handle h
acl_type sec_acl_type
acl_list sec_acl_list
acl_result result
count_max size_avail
count size_used
access_rights net_rights
access_rights desired_permset
num_manager_types num_types
manager_type_next manager_type_chain
num_printstrings total_num_printstrings
tower_set towers
num_manager_types num_types
rpc_handle h
domain name_domain
cell_name cell_namep
cell_uuid cell_idp
pgo_name princ_namep
pgo_uuid princ_idp

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