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DCE 1.1: Authentication and Security Services
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sec_rgy_site_open_update-Binds to a registry update site


#include <dce/binding.h>

void sec_rgy_site_open_update(
    unsigned_char_t *site_name,
    sec_rgy_handle_t *context,
    error_status_t *status);




A character string (type unsigned_char_t) containing the name of an update registry site to bind to. Supply this name in any of the following forms:

  • To choose the update site to bind to in the named cell, specify a cell name (for example, /.../ or /.: for the local cell)

  • To start the search for the update site at a specific replica in the replica's cell, specify either the site's global name (for example, /.../ or the site's network address (for example, ncadg_ip_udp:



A pointer to a sec_rgy_handle_t variable. Upon return, this contains a registry server handle indicating (bound to) the desired registry site.


A pointer to the completion status. On successful completion, the routine returns error_status_ok. Otherwise, it returns an error.


The sec_rgy_site_open_update() routine binds to a registry update site. A registry update site is a master server that may control several satellite (query) servers. To change the registry database, it is necessary to change a registry update site, which then automatically updates its associated query sites. No changes can be made directly to a registry query database.

The site_name parameter identifies either the cell in which to find the update site or the replica at which to start the search for the update site. If site_name is NULL, or a zero-length string, an update site in the local cell is selected by the client agent.

The handle for the associated registry server is returned in context. The handle is to an update site. Use this registry context handle in subsequent calls that update or query the the registry database (for example, the sec_rgy_pgo_add() or sec_rgy_acct_lookup() call). The caller must have established a valid network identity for this call to succeed.


To bind to a registry update site, the use of the sec_rgy_site_bind_update() call is recommended in place of this call.



The idl file from which dce/binding.h was derived.



The call was successful.


No currently established network identity for which context exists.


The DCE Registry Server is unavailable.


Functions: sec_rgy_site_close(), sec_rgy_site_get(), sec_rgy_site_is_readonly(), sec_rgy_site_open(), sec_rgy_site_open_query().
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