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Praise for this book

Managing Digital is a perfect fit for my Management Information Systems class to introduce students to the fast-paced world of IT Infrastructure that they will be dealing with shortly upon graduation. This book uses multiple perspectives (Founder, Team Leader, VP, C-level executive) to demonstrate to the student not only how a business grows, but how they need to continually grow their skill set. The use of hands-on exercises encouraged by the format of this book complements my teaching style that allows students to learn by doing, failing, and doing again. An additional benefit is that this book begins with a focus on the startup mentality which I will use in my Business Innovation class.

Prof. Pat Paulson, Winona State University

Charles has produced the ultimate roadmap for the 21st century organization. A concise and powerful tool, this book will help anyone assess where they are on their journey today, where they may have gone wrong in the past, and where they should be driving towards today!

Ben Rockwood, Director IT & Operations, Chef

Investments in “digital” are critical for organizations and the economy as a whole. Delivering digital effectively benefits both individuals and communities. This is the time to re-visit and integrate industry guidance and reach a consensus on how digital and IT professionals can best approach their responsibilities. We need deliverance from the dark ages of IT. "Managing Digital" is comprehensive, well written, and enlightening. Charles T. Betz has nailed it once again.

Mark Smalley, The IT Paradigmologist

Managing Digital is a large and significant contribution to computing and IT education. No longer will graduates require on-the-job training after graduation to be current in the workforce. This book merges the requirements of academia with the needs of the modern digital business. Discussions of Lean, DevOps, the domain of the digital business, and more, are all active topics in the marketplace and now they are part of an educational curricula as well.

Chris Little, Consultant