The Open Group Standards Process Guide

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The work of The Open Group relies on cooperation between a broad cultural diversity of organizations, peoples, ideas, and communication styles.

The Open Group Standards Process Guide is a set of resources to guide development of The Open Group standards and supporting deliverables. It provides guidance for individuals participating in The Open Group Forums and Work Groups as we work together to develop multiple, interoperable technologies for Boundaryless Information Flow™.


The following topics are described in this guide:

  • Guiding Principles for Forums and Work Groups: This set of principles guides the operations of Forums and Work Groups and are usually contained within the Forum/Work Group charter. They supplement The Open Group Principles.

  • The Code of Conduct: This contains practical guidance for the conduct of business and work in the Forums and Work Groups.

  • Guidance for Publications Development: An overview of the different tracks for document deliverables, including standards, guides, and white papers. This includes a detailed commentary on the standards process, how to develop standards text, as well as managing reviews.

  • Guidance on the Consensus Decision-Making Process: An overview of the process for consensus decision-making, the roles within the process, and guidance on how to manage situations where there is lack of consensus.

  • Guidance for Individuals Acting as The Open Group Liaison to Another Organization: This includes the roles involved in a liaison to another organization, how liaisons are established, including the selection and appointment of liaison representatives. It includes the responsibilities and tasks for appointed liaison representatives.

  • Guidance for Elected Officers of The Open Group Forums and Work Groups: This is written for individuals elected to serve as Chairs, Co-Chairs, or Vice-Chairs of a Forum or Work Group within The Open Group. It includes descriptions of the responsibilities for Elected Officers and guidance on leading meetings and the consensus decision-making process.

  • Guidance for Publications development using the GitLab and AsciiDoc toolchain: This is suitable for development of standards, guides, and white papers in book format, including standards that are being submitted as ISO/IEC standards.

How to use this Guide

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