TOGAF Fundamental Content

This page describes the TOGAF Fundamental Content documents provided in the TOGAF Standard.

Document Summary

The TOGAF Standard: Introduction and Core Concepts

This document introduces the TOGAF Standard, describes the TOGAF documentation set, outlines core concepts, and includes common definitions for the standard.

The TOGAF Standard: Architecture Development Method (ADM)

This document describes the TOGAF Architecture Development Method (ADM), which is an iterative approach to developing an Enterprise Architecture.

The TOGAF Standard: ADM Techniques

This document contains a collection of techniques available for applying the TOGAF approach and the TOGAF ADM.

The TOGAF Standard: Applying the ADM

This document contains guidelines for adapting the TOGAF ADM to address the specific style of architecture required in a practical context.

The TOGAF Standard: Architecture Content

This document describes the TOGAF Content Framework and a structured metamodel for architectural artifacts, and an overview of typical architecture deliverables.

The TOGAF Standard: Enterprise Architecture Capability and Governance

This document describes the organization, processes, skills, roles, and responsibilities applicable to an Enterprise Architecture team.