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NMF SPIRIT Issue 3.0 Platform Blueprint

NMF SPIRIT Issue 3.0 Platform Blueprint
Copyright © 1995 Network Management Forum

Platform Model

A software platform is a set of generic capabilities implemented in software which enable and facilitate the creation and operation of applications. A general-purpose software platform does not make specific assumptions about the nature of the applications that it supports. SPIRIT is not concerned with hardware architectures; indeed SPIRIT presumes that the software platforms it describes are implementable on a variety of hardware architectures.

An application is software that is developed for a specific purpose, using the generic capabilities provided by the platform. (Thus platform and application make sense only in relation to each other.)

The SPIRIT software platform comprises programming languages and the following services1:

Software Platform Model shows the software platform model. This figure only illustrates platform services. It does not illustrate how those services are layered or composed.

Figure: Software Platform Model

SPIRIT concentrates primarily on the areas of Management Services, Data Management Services, Transaction Services, Communication Services, Distributed Services and Security Services, consistent with a focus on middleware standards, which is the general area of technology that provides the best return of effort.


The abbreviations in parentheses are used in Specifications for the purpose of cross referencing.

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