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NMF SPIRIT Issue 3.0 Platform Blueprint

NMF SPIRIT Issue 3.0 Platform Blueprint
Copyright © 1995 Network Management Forum

Classification and Use of Specifications

Specifications, Components and Profiles

At the core of SPIRIT are its specifications. These specifications are standards used to create platform components. Platform components are individual pieces of computing functionality that can be accessed through defined interfaces. Profiles suggests how some components can be assembled by using aggregations of SPIRIT specifications. Specifications lists the specifications. This chapter contains a taxonomy used for organising the specifications (and for the purposes of helping the reader navigate through Specifications ). See Part 2, System Sets for information on the platform configurations SPIRIT has defined for the specifications.

Specification Taxonomy

The SPIRIT taxonomy is depicted in Classification of Standards . The nodes of the taxonomy tree in Classification of Standards are explained in the following subsections.

Note that all leafs and some intermediate nodes of the taxonomy tree have associated labels. These labels, along with some other qualifiers (see Additional Qualifiers ), are used to organise the Normative References and label individual references for cross-referencing purposes.

When the labels are used for references, the labels are concatenated, beginning with those for higher-level categories. Concatenated labels are separated by slashes (/). For example, PRO/TLL and PRO/APPL are used as groups in the Normative References.

Figure: Classification of Standards

Major Categories

Six major categories of specification are identified:

Interface Categories

Several types of interface are defined:

Programming Interface Categories

Programming Interfaces are refined into the following categories:

Protocol Categories

Protocols are further refined into the following categories:

Additional Qualifiers

All SPIRIT specifications are identified by labels in the specifications' taxonomy. In order to further refine specifications, a set of additional qualifiers is provided to augment a specification's classification.

The following qualifier may be associated with any specification:

Additionally, APIs are qualified by the platform services defined in the SPIRIT Platform model. The labels for the platform services are used as a category suffix for specifications in the API category (see Platform Model ), for the definition of the platform services, and the associated labels.

Finally, Operating System Services specific to the UNIX operating system are qualified by the label UNIX, appended after the OS qualifier.

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