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NMF SPIRIT Issue 3.0 Platform Blueprint

NMF SPIRIT Issue 3.0 Platform Blueprint
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Introduction to Part 1


Part 1, Overview and Core Specifications is structured as follows:


The SPIRIT general-purpose computing platform defines software that supports a wide variety of application types. The general-purpose computing platform facilitates application portability, interoperability and modularity. Agreement among Service Providers, IT suppliers and ISVs on such a platform is required to meet Service Providers' needs for integrated systems and technology independence in a multi-vendor software environment.

The objective is to provide a core set of specifications for use in each company's purchasing of software components for general-purpose computing platforms. The SPIRIT specifications are based predominantly on widely accepted industry standards. The SPIRIT specifications are expected to be used by participating companies as a basis for their own software procurement starting in the very near term (within 6 to 12 months of publication).

This part provides the complete list of referenced standards and specifications which forms the basis of the SPIRIT Platform and which are described in more detail in the subsequent parts.

Selection of Specifications

The intent of SPIRIT is to adopt and adapt specifications from other sources. The sources of adopted specifications include both standards bodies (for example, ISO, ITU-T, IEEE, and so on) and industry consortia (for example, NMF, X/Open, and so on).

Adaptation is performed only as necessary to:

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